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Welcome to the new Active Deaf Kids website!

The Active Deaf Kids (ADK) is a program devised to encourage deaf and hard of hearing school children to be active. Whether it’s learning to play a new sport or making new friends, the ADK program is empowering deaf and hard of hearing children by providing the opportunity to get out, enjoy sport, and gain the health and social benefits that can be achieved with an active lifestyle.

“Sport is part of the nation’s psyche and the Active Deaf Kids program is no different. It is an excellent program that provides deaf and hard of hearing kids the opportunity to participate in sporting programs just like with everyone else. The Active Deaf Kids program also provides an excellent source of resources and support for parents, teachers and coaches on the healthy benefits of sports participation for deaf and hard of hearing children.

The ADK website offers a range of information for parents, teachers, and coaches. And of course, the website also has fun games for the kids to enjoy!

Feel free to browse through the website, and should you have any questions or would like further details about the ADK program, staff at Deaf Sports Australia will be happy to assist you.

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Deaf Sports Australia

What is the Active Deaf Kids program about?

Deaf Sports Australia received funding from the Australian Sports Commission to visit schools around the country to promote participation in sports.

Check out the video in AUSLAN:

Why is sports participation important?

1. Sports helps you to feel good and healthy

2. Make new friends

3. Learn new skills and teamwork

4. Helps you to improve your school work

5. And most of all, have fun!

The new website has information about the schools program as well as some activities and trivia competition!

You will see on the new website there are 5 sections:

1. Homepage: you will see a slideshow of photos from the ADK program which will be updated regularly. Also you will see there are 3 sections:

2. What is It?: this section explains the purpose of the ADK program

3. Parents: this section is for Parents to learn about the ADK program and how they can be involved

4. Teachers: this section is for Teachers to learn about the ADK program and how they can best help their students reach their highest potential in their education and sporting pursuits

5. Coaches: this section is for Coaches to learn the pathway programs as well as find out how to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing sports participants

We hope you enjoy navigating the new Active Deaf Kids website.

If you have any feedback about this website, please send us an email to

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